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Community, renting sustainably

🌲 Why 'Redwood'?

Redwood trees are the oldest and tallest trees in the world dating back 3,500 years. These majestic trees network their roots together so that collectively, they're more resilient and stand the test of time. We couldn’t think of a better symbol for our platform than to help people find their ‘network’ and build strong, lasting friendships that also, stand the test of time.


We’re also big on sustainability. We want to do our bit by moving our website & apps to climate neutral servers - currently in planning.

LGBTQ+ and Inclusive rent

🏳️‍🌈 Diversity + Inclusion

Founded by an LGBTQ+ team, we know home is more than just somewhere you sleep at night. It’s a place you want to recharge and be your authentic self, no matter your background. That’s why we decided to build a platform that helps everyone find people they genuinely want to live with (and wfh or study around 🧑‍💻).


We also believe a comfortable, safe home is a basic right. That's why when you rent a home through Redwood, you can opt-in to donate a small portion of your rent towards supporting a local homeless charity, strengthening the community around you (feature coming soon).

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